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I hope you all have been doing well. Today, I am going to discuss one of my favorite foundations from my favorite brand, Wet n Wild. As you all know Wet n Wild is quite a famous brand and is loved for its affordable, plus good quality makeup. I think the overall reputation of the brand is great because they rarely have bad products. Their eyeshadows are amazing, their lip products are superb, their face products are some of the best out there, in short, it is a great brand. Today, we will be discussing the Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation, which is an HD foundation that is meant for flawless photography.

Product Description

Your skin, only better. Our new high-performing, skin-perfecting foundation underwent major road testing under seven different photo lighting conditions to deliver flawless camera-ready makeup every time. Specially made with a matte, light-diffusing complex to give your skin #nofilter perfection. 

High-performing, breakthrough formula

Featuring light-adjusting complex to help prevent white cast in photos

Tested under 7 light conditions with and without the use of flash

My Review

This formula is available in a wide selection of 20 different shades, ranging from fair colors to deeper ones. You can find a variety of undertones in this foundation, ranging from cool undertones to warm ones, and even neutral undertones as well. The foundation comes in a glass bottle, which is transparent, so shows the actual color of the foundation. It has a black top and has a spatula instead of the regular pump, which might trigger the OCD for some people, but if you apply it to your hands or a plate first, then that will be more hygienic than applying directly to the face. The bottle contains 1 Fl oz of the foundation, which is a good size amount.

Okay, firstly let's talk about the formula of this foundation. It is very liquidy, which is something I like because that means it won't be drying on the face and you have sufficient time to blend it out. It has a light-medium coverage, which you can totally layer up to a medium-full one. Like its first claim, this foundation gives you a flawless finish and literally feels like a filter in pictures since it covers the imperfections nicely. It is easy to apply and you can apply it using any tool of your choice, where I personally like applying it with a beauty sponge.

This foundation is super easy to blend and you just need a small amount to cover your whole face. Consistency wise, it has a consistency of a moisturizer and since it is hydrating, so it basically feels weightless on your skin. If you have a dry skin, you need to wear a good moisturizer underneath, but it is a foundation that is suitable for all skin types, so it won't give you flaky skin or dry patches. The color selection is nice and I got it in the shade Cream Beige, which is a medium shade with a neutral undertone. Personally, I think it is a little orange on my face, which has a naturally pink undertone, otherwise, on my yellow toned arms, it looks just right.

This is one of the very few things that I will actually repurchase. I think Buff Beige will be a better match for my face, so I will get it in the shade Buff Beige as well. However, the shade Cream Beige is an excellent match for MAC NC35 complexion and it is a perfect match for my mom. Now comes the best part about this foundation, which is the HD factor. Just like the claims this foundation photographs beautifully. So, whether it is a wedding, a farewell party, or any other event, where you will be taking a lot of pictures and don't want to look grey or ghostly. I definitely recommend this foundation for that very purpose.

Final Verdict

This is a superb all-purpose foundation, so whether it is a special occasion or you are looking for an everyday wear lightweight foundation, I recommend the Wet n Wild Photofocus foundation. It is suitable for all skin types, though if you have an oily skin, I recommend using it with a good mattifying powder, just in case. The brand has a whole range of Photofocus products, including concealers, correctors and face powders. I think this foundation is definitely the star of the collection. It has a retail price of $5.99, which is very affordable and you can order it through any facebook page or website, where it is sold anywhere between Rs1100 to Rs1500.

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I hope you all are doing well. So, today we are going to talk about my favorite fabric of all time, the lawn suits. As you all know lawn dresses are the best type of fabric to wear in this hot weather and all the brands have already launched their lawn collections. If you live in hotter cities and are a lawn maniac like me, then you already must have gotten your lawn dresses for this season.

Personally, I love Pakistani Lawn Suits since they are airy and soft on the body, plus provide comfortable wear in the scorching summer heat. The lawn dresses that have embroidery or come with embroidered dupattas are my favorite type of lawn dresses. They are perfect for semi-formal wear or for outings and if you are an outgoing person, wearing anything else than lawn in summer doesn't sound fun. These embroidered suits give you enough embellished factor, so you look stylish while still being comfortable.

Many brands produce embroidered varieties of lawn dresses in both unstitched and ready to wear range, with minimal to fully embroidered suits. This season a few things I noticed was that many brands paired embroideries with digitally printed lawn suits. Since digitally printed designs are bold, attractive and have lovely print, the addition of embroidery further enhances their beauty, plus extravagance. If you have a casual party to attend and are unsure of what to wear, I will recommend these type of suits.

Embroidered dresses are paired with fancy chiffon, silk, net or other similar fabric dupattas, which really enhances the chic factor of the lawn dresses, plus no one can really tell due to these pretty dupatta and embroideries that you are wearing a lawn suit. With Eid around the corner, the best type of Pakistani Dresses to wear for this festive occasion is without a doubt embroidered lawn dresses. Since being a woman you will have many responsibilities and work to do even on the Eid days, the lawn dresses will be comfortable on your body, while still giving you the elegant look you are desiring for. Pair your lawn dress with some pretty jewelry and shoes, to instantly look super mod, plus fashionable with minimal effort.

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Hey everyone,

I hope you all are doing well. Today I am going to discuss about the new releases from the brand Masarrat Makeup, who needs no introduction. I was fortunate enough to try them out as soon as they were released and I am testing them for a while now. After using them in every way possible I have made my mind about these products, so read below for an honest review of the newly launched items from Masarrat Misbah makeup.

Perfect Wear Eyeliner

This is a liquid eyeliner and comes with a felt tip. The tip is very thin and precise, like the brand claims, plus is very beginner friendly. The formula of this eyeliner is quite liquidy and you get the full effect in a single swipe.

It is waterproof and doesn't budge at all, so if you have watery eyes or oily eyelids, this eyeliner will be great for you. I got it in the shade Noir and it is also available in the shade Gold Stone. This eyeliner retails for Rs 790 only and you can buy it here.

Matte Luxe Lipstick

I got this lipstick in the shade Marilyn Move and it is available in 13 more color options, ranging from browny nudes to rich plum shades. This is a gorgeous deep red color and it is the type of red that will flatter all skin tones. This red has a hint of brown in it and is neither too pink nor too orange, just the perfect deep red that will look equally ravishing on all types of complexions.

It has a very comfortable matte formula and doesn't emphasise any dry patches. This lipstick is formulated with shea butter and vitamin E, which gives it the comfortable wear time. You get full pigmentation in a single swipe and this lipstick lasts for good 5 to 6 hours on my lips, even after eating. You can buy it for Rs 1150 here.

Liquid Lipstick

I got to try this beautiful liquid lipstick formula in the shade Magento and it is also available in 6 more colors as well. It is a stunning fuchsia pink shade, which is very vivid and bold, not for the faint of heart. This liquid lipstick is a style statement and you need to be confident enough to pull this shade. I love the one swipe, full pigment formula of this liquid lipstick and unlike other liquid lipsticks, it doesn't dry crusty, plus looks very healthy on the lips.

The formula is not too drying at all and even this deep shade is not patchy. Just like other liquid lipsticks, it lasts for good 10 to 12 hours and doesn't come off unless you take it off. This liquid lipstick comes with a price tag of Rs 1250 only and you can shop it here.

Final Verdict

I love all these three products from Masarrat Makeup and give them all a 5/5. I definitely recommend you all to check out these products since they are not only Halal and cruelty free, but have amazing quality, plus pigmentation, like high-end makeup. If I must choose a favorite among the three, I will give the vote to the Matte Luxe Lipstick in Marilyn Move because it is not only a beautiful flattering color, but it is one of the most prettiest reds I have ever seen and owned, so I am in love with it. ♡

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So, today we are going to discuss the latest variety of eastern wear you can find online. As you all know many brands have already launched their spring and summer collection for the year of 2018, plus the weather has already started to get hotter, which means it is about time to shop some latest lawn varieties.

Many brands like Khaadi, Elan, Zara Shahjahan, Farah Talib Aziz, Bareeze, and much more have released their lawn varieties, plus a major range of them is already sold out. However, you can still avail few pieces online if you are into designer brands clothing. Then there are many affordable lawn brands like Orient textiles, Star Textiles. Al-Zohaib Textiles and others, who offer lawn suits that are super pocket-friendly, plus you can shop their whole range online, which will be great for casual at home wear.

You have an endless selection of dresses to choose from. There are gorgeous lawn or cotton kurtis with gorgeous embellishments, different silhouettes that can flatter your body shape, lawn suits with lawn dupattas that are great for casual home wear, lawn suits with chiffon or silk dupatta, plus embroidered patches that you can style for a summer event, and much more.

Many online stores have put up the newer variety of Bridal Dresses which will be very suitable to be worn for the upcoming summer weddings. They have good quality fabrics of the cotton net, chiffon, cotton silk, georgette, and silk variety, along with some additions of swiss voile, which are super airy, plus lightweight to be worn on weddings. The dresses have decent price tags, along with beautiful embroidery and eye-catching colors, so you will surely find something that you like.

You can find Pakistani Clothes Online directly on the brand owned stores or on larger scale networks that carry different types of clothing from different brands like Daraz, PakStyle, Bytes, Kaymu, and much more. Websites like these offer you good quality fabrics often at great discounts, with their variety including both, unstitched dresses, plus stitched suits. If you are unsure of what type of dresses to buy online, always opt for unstitched variety from stores you are shopping from for the first time and always take their return policy in consideration for in case of damaged items.

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Hi, Dolls,

I hope you all are doing well. Today I am going to share my review and honest opinion on The Limited Edition Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Face Collection Palette. I know it was a limited edition and you can't find it anywhere, except eBay, plus Amazon of course. However full sizes of all 5 pans in this palette are available for sale worldwide. So, I decided to share a little about the brand and the products with you, in case you were interested.

Product Description

The packaging is made of metal with a gold layout, gold accents, and a white top. The palette has a super luxurious feel to it and inside carries a large mirror, which is one of the highest quality mirrors you can find in a palette. It has a weight of 20.4g in total and inside you can find three blushes along with two highlighters.

My Review

I never knew about the Becca brand until Jaclyn Hill collaborated with them and if you are an avid watcher of Youtube beauty gurus, you must have definitely heard about Jaclyn Hill, plus Becca. Let's talk about the actual product now. Inside you can find three large pan sizes that consist of the three blushes. Two out of three blushes are mineral blush and the other one is from Becca's luminous line. The luminous blush is named Rose Spritz and is a beautiful rose color with gold reflex. If you have deeper tones, you can definitely use it as a blush, but it also looks very pretty as an eyeshadow and personally I prefer it as an eyeshadow since it looks too gold on my skin tone.

The next blush is Amaretto and it is a beautiful browny nude color blush. This blush shade has a nice sheen and is a very warm color. Personally warm shades end up looking muddy on my skin tone. Nevertheless, this shade is pretty and will look nice as a blush on medium skin tones. The last shade is named Pamplemousse and its the last blush in the palette with a mineral finish. This shade is very bold pink and will pop on your cheeks. Personally, I like more mauvy blushes and this makes my cheeks look like a baboon butt, so I am not a fan of this blush. However, if you have deeper skin tones it will really look gorgeous on you so I will recommend it to deeper skin tones.

Now comes the highlighter, both of which are from Becca's skin perfector range. Champagne Pop is the first shade, which was the first ever collaboration between Becca and Jaclyn Hill. Everyone loves this shade and raves about it. This shade is no doubt very beautiful, but I have a more of a neutral to blue undertone. So, the highlighter ends up looking muddy on my skin tone. I love champagne highlighters, but it is a mid-tone champagne colored, which don't flatter my face.

Last but not the least is the Prosecco Pop highlighter. Again this is a very beautiful shade and will look heavenly on medium to dark skin tones, but it clashes with my skin tone and looks not so flattering. I use both of these highlighters even though they don't flatter my skin tone, but I mix in another highlighter for them to look pretty on me. Overall, Becca has a great formula, smooth textured products, which are highly pigmented. So, I definitely recommend you to try their face product if you don't have a weird skin tone like me, where nothing flatters you LOL. The Skin Perfectors retail for $38 each and the blushes retail for up to $34 each. You can order them from any leading facebook makeup stores in Pakistan or directly order from Sephora and Becca's online store.

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So we all know its almost the lawn season and we all do love lawn. The comfortable feeling of a good lawn suit in summer is unmatchable. All the brands are coming out with their latest lawn collections for the summer of 2018 and the competition has been really tough. I mean who can resist a good lawn suit? We all eventually give in to the temptations and pay hefty prices. Personally, I think the price tags for designer lawn suits are justifiable, but we shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg for a lawn suit we are probably going to wear for one season only.

Since you all know I am into affordable luxury and I wear lawn suits all year round even in winter (Yes that's Me!). So, I do look for affordable and budget-friendly lawn suits that I can wear on a daily basis all year round. One of the brands who came out with a decent Lawn Collection 2018 is Al-Zohaib and their this season lawn collection is called Al-Zohaib Anum Lawn. The brand has been very reasonable with their price tags and I personally like their collection for nice quality lawn material and pocket-friendly prices.

You can spot beautiful colors in the Al-Zohaib Anum Lawn, sporting beautiful shades of blues, greens, reds, oranges, and black. I really like wearing blues and greens in summer, since even though these colors can be worn all year round, but they look extra refreshing in summer. They are three piece lawn suits with lawn dupattas, lawn shirts, and lawn shalwars. The fabric is sufficient enough for you to get stitched in your personal style, so whether you want to get an A-line frock stitched or a short shirt, you can definitely get it stitched. I am a very tall person and I find it hard to find good lawn suits in 3-meter shirt fabrics, so I was very glad they have 3-meter shirt cloth.

You can see beautiful floral prints along with some geometrical designs in the brand's lawn collection and a few suits are inspired by traditional Pakistani cultural prints. I love the fact that they don't have plain dyed lawn shalwars only and have the option of printed border trousers, plus printed design ones too, because trousers or shalwars need some TLC too. Al-Zohaib Anum Lawn Collection is available in selected stores and on some online stores as well. Their collection is getting sold out quickly, so do check it out before its gone.

Do you like this post? What are your opinions on Al-Zohaib Anum Lawn Collection? Will you try it out? What is your favorite lawn brand? Don't forget to comment. 
Hey Amazing People,

I hope you all are well. So I am back with another amazing sheet mask review. Do I need to tell how much I love sheet masks? There is going to be a Giveaway next time I review Skin18 masks, so keep a lookout for that. Even though Skin18 was very generous enough to send me these masks for free, but as always my review will always be genuine. Read below for what I have to say about these masks.

My Review

People you need to check out Skin18's website because they are having such amazing deals like 50% off on 300 plus products, $1 masks only and much more with free worldwide shipping on $60 orders. It is not to be missed. So back to the review Sheet masks are my favorite thing to try out and they sent me the whole range of these masks and I am glad to try them all out.

Soc 3D Serum Mask is available in six different types of essences, including Synake, Snail, Placenta, Lipidure, EGF, and Rice Wine. All of these different essences carry different beneficial properties and as we all know how great snail is for anti-aging properties, plus I got two of them to try out, so I decided to review this mask for the purpose of this post.

Firstly it is a 3D mask, drenched with the goodness of serum and is large enough to fit all face shapes. I used it right after removing my facial hairs because my skin gets a little red and I like something cooling afterward. Since its still winter here and everything is pretty cold as it is, I used this mask directly, otherwise, I refrigerate my sheet masks for half an hour in summers. This sheet mask was so refreshing and instantly cooled down all my bumps and redness.

I applied the mask for around 20 minutes like suggested on instructions, and afterward, I removed the mask, pat in the remaining essence, and washed my face with water afterward. I really like this sheet mask and it was very hydrating, soothing, plus instantly plumped up my face. These masks by Soc 3D are great masks and show instant results by moisturizing, plus plumping up your skin. This will be great for all skin types and you can shop it here for just $1.25.